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$COPE Community Update - July 8, 2024


🔥 Let's Get Ready to $COPE! 🔥

What's up, $COPE fam! It's time to dive into the latest action and see how we're faring against those jeeters who just can't seem to hang. If you're here, you're a true Cope-ster, so let's see how our token is doing today!

📊 Current Price: $0.00011227 📊

Our beloved $COPE is currently sitting at $0.00011227. That's right, we've seen some sweet gains from yesterday's price of $0.00010811. We're up by 3.85% in the past 24 hours. Cope or rope, that's the way we roll!

🔍 Need More Deets? 🔍

If you're all about the deets, make sure to check out our pair explorer on DexTools:

DexTools Pair Explorer

💸 Wanna Get in on the Action? 💸

Ready to shill or get left holding the bag? Dive into the swap and bag your share of $COPE on Uniswap:

Swap $COPE on Uniswap

👀 Remember, Jeeters Gonna Have to $COPE! 👀

Stay strong, $COPE army. Shill hard, hold tight, and laugh at those who jeet. We're all about making those jeeters cope while we moon triumphantly. Keep pushing, spread the word, and let's show the world that $COPE is here to stay. Cope or rope time to shine! 🚀🌕

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