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πŸš€ $COPE Daily Update: July 7, 2024 πŸš€


Y'all know the drill, it's time for that sweet $COPE update! Our community coin is making waves and the numbers are here to prove it. Let's dive into the latest stats and memes! 😎

Current Price of $COPE: $0.00011396

The price of $COPE is currently sitting at $0.00011396. If you're still HODLing, you're probably feeling pretty smug right now. If you jeeted your bag… well, guess you'll just have to cope. 😜

Price Movement in the Last 24 Hours

  • Price 24h Ago: $0.00011277
  • Variation in 24h: +1.06%

In the past 24 hours, we've seen a little bump by 1.06%. Love to see those green candles, am I right?

Shillers Keep Winning 🀩

The community is stronger than ever, meme-ing our way to the moon. Don't let those jeeters get to you; keep spreading the word and HODL like your life depends on it. If you're not shilling, you're gonna cope! (Not financial advice, but you know the vibes.)

Trade $COPE

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No Time for Jeeters!

Remember, folks: the weak hands will always have to cope! Stick with the community, keep the memes flowing, and let’s watch $COPE rise together! πŸŒ•

Until next time, keep those diamond hands strong! πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ

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