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$COPE: The Latest Update for 7/8/2024!


Listen up, $COPE fam! Time to check in on what’s popping with our beloved token. Hope you’ve got your moon suits ready because it's time for an update!

The Price Corner

Current price: $0.00011227

24-hour high: $0.00011227

24-hour low: $0.00010811

While it might seem like just a slight uptick, remember, it's those juicy percentages that matter. We saw a modest increase of 3.85% over the past 24 hours. So for those of you who are hodling strong, kudos! And for the jeeters, well, better luck next time—you might need to $COPE!

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What’s Next?

We’re keeping an eye on the next moon mission. Whether you’re max-shilling or just watching from the sidelines, remember: in $COPE we trust. Cause if you jeet, you just might have to $COPE!

So hold tight, $COPE fam, and ride this wave to the moon! 🚀

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