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🔥 $COPE: Shill or Cope? Keep Holding, Degens! 🔥


Hey COPErs, it's your favorite dose of $COPE updates, coming at you live on 7/9/2024! We’re talking big moves and even bigger resilience in the land of the memecoins. If you’re not shilling, you better start coping, because the $COPE army marches on! 💪

Today’s $COPE Price Check 🚀

Current Price: $0.00011227

Price on the Chain: 3.6731e-8

24h Variation: No change

The Community Spirit 💪

Can you believe it’s been a wild ride since our mystical Dev rugged us? And hey, we didn’t just cope, we came together to create something legendary! Told ya jeeters, the $COPE train has no brakes! Whether you’re a diamond-handed OG or a fresh member of the $COPE fam, remember one thing: Shill or you’re gonna cope! 🚀

Don't be a Jeeter! 💎🙌

The charts might look stable today, but you know the game isn’t over until the last jeeter has coped. If you’re thinking of selling, better think again. Shilling is the only way up! Spread the word, cause $COPE ain't just a name, it’s a motto.

Join the Movement

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Track the Action: COPE Pair Explorer on DEXTools

Stay tuned for more updates, stay strong, and always remember: SHILL OR YOU’RE GONNA COPE! 🚀

Meme it up, $COPE fam! 💎🙌

$COPE Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

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