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$COPE: The Token That Makes Jeeters Cope


Hey $COPE Army! It's June 24, 2024, and it's time to dive into the latest pulse of our beloved token. If you're holding strong, you're in for all the juicy deets. And if you're a jeeter, well, you might want to sit down – you're gonna have to $COPE.

Price Update: Shilling Strong!

The current price of $COPE stands at $0.000160 with a slight tweak. While we saw a 24-hour high of $0.000163, there's been a minor dip of about 2.04%. This is just a tiny bump on the roller coaster that is $COPE, and you know what they say – hold or you're gonna cope!

24-Hour Market Dance

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind. The price chain variation marked a modest -0.43%, but remember, in the land of memes and dreams, these numbers are just part of the fun. Keep your memes fresh and your bags secure because the next pump could be right around the corner.

Want to Dive Deeper?

Community Power

Even though our initial dev reneged quicker than you could say "rug pull," the community has since transformed $COPE into a symbol of resilience. Each shill and every hodl contributes to a united front that keeps the spirit alive. Jeeters might bail, but the real $COPE warriors hang tight.

So, keep shilling, hodling, and laughing at the jeeters. In the end, they'll be the ones coping while we ride the meme wave to new heights.

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