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🚀 $COPE: The Ultimate Meme Coin to Make Jeeters Cope! 🚀


Get ready, fam! It's time to dive into the latest updates on our beloved $COPE. If you're not shilling, you're jeeting, and if you're jeeting, you're gonna have to $COPE.

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📈 Current Stats

As of today (07/07/2024), here's where $COPE stands:

  • Current Price: $0.00011396
  • Price 24h Ago: $0.00011498
  • 24h Variation: -0.885% 😱

📉 What Does It Mean?

Jeeters tried to dunk on $COPE, but little do they know, we've got them right where we want them. The slight dip in price (0.885% down in the last 24h) is just a minor hiccup for the $COPE community.

Sometimes the market's gotta catch a breath before it launches into the stratosphere. 🚀 So hold tight, shill hard, and watch as the jeeters have to $COPE with their regrettable decisions. 💪

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Remember: Shill, or you're gonna have to $COPE!

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