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$COPE to the Moon or Jeet's Doom? 🚀🪙


Attention all $COPE HODLers and future Cope-a-holics! The market's looking juicy, and we're riding on some solid steadiness! As of today, 7/9/2024, $COPE is currently priced at a hot 0.00011227. The price has held strong with zero variation in the last 24 hours.

What's the Latest?

The COPEmunity is alive and kicking! Our price stands firm, making sure those jeeters will have to $COPE with their FOMO. With community power on our side, who knows what's next for $COPE?

Keep Your Eyes on the Charts

Want to dive deeper into $COPE's moves? Check out the deets and eye-popping stats on DexTools. Don't get left in the dust!

Ready to Boost Your Stack?

Thinking about leveling up your bag? Head over to Uniswap and make those sweet $COPE transactions. Remember, shill or cope – the choice is yours.

Hold Tight, HODL Strong 💪

Fellow degens, stay strong and true to the $COPE cause. Our journey is just getting started, and together, we're going to make the devs eat their hearts out. Ride the wave, shill the thrill, or cope – let's go to the moon!

See you in the next orbit! 🌕💫

$COPE Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

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