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🚀 $COPE Update - July 7, 2024: Hold On, Jeeters Gonna $COPE! 🚀


If you haven't shilled $COPE yet, what are you waiting for? Today's data brings some sweet news, and it’s high time you dove into the party! The price of $COPE has pumped to $0.00011498, up from $0.00011180 just 24 hours ago. That’s a solid 2.84% pump, baby! Jeeters, you might wanna hold on tight because you’re gonna have to $COPE with missing out on this rocket ship! 🚀

Price Action & Performance

The community-driven takeover continues to show solid strength. Here's the lowdown:

  • Current Price: $0.00011498
  • Price 6 Hours Ago: $0.00011498 (no change)
  • Price 24 Hours Ago: $0.00011180 (2.84% increase)

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Track Your Gains

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Final Thoughts

The market’s looking spicy, and $COPE continues to defy expectations. Remember, shillers might make it to the moon 🌕, while jeeters are just gonna have to $COPE with being left behind. Keep shilling, keep chilling, and strap in because $COPE isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

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