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🚀 $COPE Update: July 9, 2024 🚀


Jeeters, better buckle up, because $COPE is on a wild ride! As of today, the price of $COPE is hovering at $0.0001123. We know you're watching those decimals like a hawk, so let's dive into what this means for all you diamond hands and paper hands out there.

Price Snapshot

Here's the latest scoop on $COPE's price action:

  • Current Price: $0.0001123
  • Price Change (24h): Data Not Available
  • Price Chain Change (24h): Data Not Available

We're sittin' tight for those juicy price variations like clockwork, but rest assured, if you're holding, you're either gonna shill or you're gonna cope! ğŸ’ŽğŸ™Œ

Get in the Game

If you're ready to avoid that jeeter status and load up your bag of $COPE, jump on Uniswap to make your life a whole lot more interesting. Keep the faith, HODL, and remember, no one likes a jeeter!

Track Your Gains

Wanna stay on top of $COPE's moves? Head over to Dextools and check the pair explorer to track the rollercoaster ride that is $COPE!

Final Thoughts 💭

The dev may have renounced, but the community's resolve is stronger than ever. Remember, $COPE is a community-driven token, and it's up to us to rally, shill, and make the devs cope! Whether the price soars or dips, your belief in $COPE keeps the dream alive. Stay tuned, stay strong, and keep making them cope! 💪

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