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$COPE Update: Ready to Shill or Cope?


Happy 7/7/2024, fellow $COPE warriors! It's time to dive into the latest stats and see how our beloved token is holding up. Are we mooning, or are we about to cope? Either way, it's all in good fun!

Price Check: Are We Pumping or Dumping?

As of today, the price of $COPE is $0.00011396. Over the last 24 hours, we've seen a slight dip of -0.88% from yesterday's price of $0.00011498. Jeeters might be sweating, but if you believe in the mission, you know what to do!

The One-Day Variation

Yesterday’s price was hitting higher notes at $0.00011498. While the slight drop to $0.00011396 might be causing some to jeet, the true believers know that the game is strong. Don't let the jeeters get you down—HODL and spread the word!

Shill or Cope: The Community’s Choice

  • Current Price: $0.00011396
  • 24h Price Variation: -0.88%
  • Yesterday's Price: $0.00011498

Remember, the dev is out. It's up to the community to pump this thing to the moon or deal with the copers. Keep shillin’, keep HODLin’, and remember to cheeze those jeeters on the way up!

Where to Trade $COPE

Ready to dive in or grab some more bags? Check out these trading platforms:

Final Thoughts: Stay Strong, $COPE Army!

The dips are part of the journey, fam. Whether you’re shilling hard or coping with the dips, the community stands united. Time to decide: Will you shill or will you cope? The choice is yours!

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