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The Latest on $COPE: A Rollercoaster Ride 🚀


Hey $COPE fam! It's July 6, 2024, and we've got some spicy updates for all you diamond hands and jeeters out there. Whether you're here to shill or just $COPE, let's dive into the latest stats and vibes.

Price Update: Hold Onto Your Bags! 💼

Today's price for $COPE is sitting at an impressive $0.0001126. Over the past 24 hours, we've seen a sweet 2.5% uptick! Turning heads and making the devs cope, amirite?

6-Hour Flashback

About six hours ago, $COPE was at $0.0001128. We've taken a bit of a dip since then, down by 0.1628%. Jeeters who bailed are gonna have a lot to $COPE with!

Yesterday's Moves 📈

Just yesterday, our beloved token was chilling at $0.0001098. The bullish momentum has been real, with a nice 2.5% gain over the last 24 hours. Don't sleep on $COPE, folks!

Ready to Shill? 🌟

Quick reminder: The more we shill, the less we'll have to cope!

Final Thoughts: Keep Shilling, Keep Winning 🏆

Whether you're hodling, shilling, or just sticking around to watch the fireworks, $COPE is here to stay. Jeeters will have their moments, but the real gigachads know that $COPE is all about community and resilience. So, stay strong, keep spreading the word, and let's see where this wild ride takes us!

Keep calm and $COPE on! 💪

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