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📈 Latest $COPE Update: HODL and Make the Dev Cope! 🛡️


Wassup, $COPE community! Ready for your daily dose of stats to shill and chill? Dive into today’s fresh stats and see how we’re making jeeters $COPE! 🚀

Current Price: $0.0001126

We’re riding at a smooth $0.0001126 right now. Remember, hodlers are the real winners. Jeeters are gonna have to $COPE with their bad decisions; we’re here for the long haul! 😎

24-Hour Price Change: +2.50%

That’s right, we’ve seen a promising 2.50% increase over the last 24 hours. While the dev may be coping, we’re laughing all the way to the moon! 🌝

Get In on the Action! 💰

Keep spreading the word, because the more we shill, the harder the dev will $COPE. 💪 Let’s keep making those jeeters regret their moves while we stack and relax. LFG!

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