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Riding the $COPE Rocket: When Jeeters Gotta Cope!


Hey there, $COPE believers! It's time to grab your snacks and huddle up because we've got some interesting updates about your favorite token, $COPE. Let’s dive into it!

Price Overview

As of today, 7/10/2024, $COPE is dancing at a price of $0.00010967925639695542. If you’re counting those jeets, that’s a hop up from $0.0001096672518135993 in the past 24 hours. Yup, even jeeters are having a hard time coping with this one!

Price Change (Past 24 Hours)

  • Current Price: $0.00010967925639695542
  • Previous Price (24h ago): $0.0001096672518135993
  • Variation: 0.010946370185793697%

Shill or Cope: The Daily Dilemma

Hold on tight, shillers! With a 0.010946370185793697% uptick over the last 24 hours, it's all eyes on the prize here. If you know someone who jeeted their bag, remind them to keep a hefty stack of tissues. Better shill now before you have to cope later!

Join the $COPE Community

Wanna ride this roller coaster? Jump in on the action on Uniswap to snag your $COPE and become part of the epic saga. The community is stronger than ever, and we're just getting started.

Coping with the Future

Whether you're holding, shilling, or watching from the sidelines, remember this one golden rule - jeeters are always going to have to cope! Stay tuned, stay shilled, and let's make the Dev cope! 🚀

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