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Shill or Cope: The Latest $COPE Update


Attention $COPE army! Buckle up and let’s dive into the latest with your favorite meme-coin that's making devs cope. The community-run $COPE token is sailing through some exciting waters today, and you'll want to hang tight for these updates.

Latest Price Check

Currently, $COPE is sitting at a juicy $0.00011227. Not too shabby, huh? This number is a testimony to our collective diamond hands. For those who need a little throwback, the price 24 hours ago was $0.00010811. That's a comforting 3.85% increase in just one day! πŸŽ‰

What About The Jeeters?

Well, jeeters, how’s coping? 😜 While you were busy panic-selling, our tribe showed the power of hodling and shilling through. Let them cope while we keep riding the wave!

Wanna Shill Some More?

Don’t just sit there; get out your shilling hats and boost $COPE to the moon! Buy more on Uniswap and keep an eye on the charts through DexTools.

Remember folks, the more we shill, the less we cope. So gather your fellow degenerates and make every jeeter wish they hadn't let go of their bags. πŸš€

Stay Tuned!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next update and continue supporting $COPE! It’s all about making those devs cope, right?



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