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The $COPE Chronicles: Are You Shilling or Cope-ing?


Hey $COPE fam, gather around! It’s time for the latest pulse on our beloved token. Our price right now is holding steady at $0.00011227. Yes, you heard it right! Shillers are flexin' while jeeters are still trying to $COPE.

Today's stats show that over the last 24 hours, $COPE hasn't budged an inch — not a single jeeter has managed to rattle us. While the graphs might look flat, remember that sometimes stability is the ultimate flex in this wild-west of crypto.

Steady as a Rock, Strong as the Community

How'd we get here? Simple: the community that shills together, stays together. Our vision hasn't changed since the rug was pulled on us. Instead, we picked up the pieces, turned the tables, and owned the narrative. Now, $COPE isn't just another symbol; it's a badge of honor.

Ready to Join the Shill-a-thon?

Don't be a jeeter! Swing by Uniswap and stack up your bag of $COPE. Want to keep an eye on how we’re cruising? Check out our live stats on DexTools.

So, what’s it going to be, fam? Shill or cope? The choice is yours. Let’s keep flexin' and proving that when the jeeters jeet, the real ones don’t skip a beat!

$COPE Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

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