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The Latest Update on $COPE: Time to Shill or Cope!


Hey $COPE warriors! Brace yourselves because we’ve got the latest scoop straight from the Base main-net! The current price of $COPE is holding steady at an impressive $0.00010810649820712644. Jeeters might be sweating, but the real community knows this is just another day to shill or cope.

Price Stats You Need to Know

Price (Last 24h): $0.00010810649820712644

Price Chain: 3.673275354784006e-8

24h Variation: 0% (We’re holding strong through the storm!)

Why the HODL Squad is Winning

No rug pulls, no jeeters - just pure community spirit. Remember, the dev rugged, but we renounced that ownership and took control. Now it's all about making the dev and jeeters $COPE. The price hasn't changed much in the last 6 or 24 hours, which means the diamond hands are doing their job. The strength of the community is unwavering!

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Buy $COPE: Ready to join the movement? Swap your ETH for $COPE by heading to Uniswap and get your bags filled!
  • Monitor the Market: Keep an eye on every heartbeat of $COPE with our market explorer on DEXTools.
  • Shill and Share: Get out there and spread the word! The community makes the difference, and your voice counts. Don’t let the jeeters win - make ‘em $COPE!

Stay strong, $COPE community! Through thick and thin, we control the reins. Every day is a new opportunity to shill or cope. Don't miss out!

$COPE Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

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