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Welcome to the $COPE Community Update!


7/10/2024: What’s the Latest with $COPE?

Hey all you diamond-handed hodlers and shillers! It’s time to sit tight and see what’s cookin’ with our beloved $COPE token. Buckle up, because jeeters are gonna have to $COPE with these juicy deets!

Current Price Analysis

The current price of $COPE is sitting pretty at $0.00010967925639695542. We've seen a slight nudge upwards, so sit tight, because you know what that means - the moon mission is still on! 🌕

Recent Price Movements

  • 6 Hours ago: $0.0001096672518135993
  • 24 Hours ago: $0.0001096672518135993

In terms of variations, we have seen a steady climb up by 0.010946370185793697% over both the past 6 and 24 hours. Not bad for a token that started as a way to make a dev cope, right?

Get in on the Action

Thinking of bagging some more $COPE or hopping on the shill-train? Hit the swap and make it happen!

Stay Strong and Keep Shilling!

To all our hardcore hodlers and passionate shillers, keep doing what you’re doing. Spread the $COPE gospel far and wide. Remember, shill or you're gonna have to cope!

If you’ve got any questions, head to our community channels and let’s keep this rocket fueled up. 🚀

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